Last day of school!

Yay! It’s the last day of school for Ken and he has also submitted all his assignments! Yipee!

Yesterday, he mentioned the omelette rice he often ate near our workplace and I thought I would cook lap cheong dark fried rice (reminds him of his grandmother) wrapped in an omelette! To top it up was Dorie’s Spiced butter-glazed carrots.



In the apartment…

No space in the kitchen so books are on the floor

Dorie's recipe again tonight!

Baking cupcakes this Sat!

Going places soon!

When will I finish reading?

Notes, cards from friends

May you be blessed with...

End of season

We celebrated the end of our Women’s BS for autumn with a small party, with loads of food and heart-warming carols. Time really passed; we’ve had one term of BS already! Though I wouldn’t say I enjoyed myself tremendously with this group of ladies, it was still an enriching experience learning from their sharing. Of course, the few Singaporean ladies, all of them whose husbands are here for their studies, were great company. It’s sad to say goodbye to them but I also know that we will meet again next season.

It’s December again and it’s time for me to think of what I should do in 2011. And as I was pondering on my way back, I saw small (really SMALL) white stuff drifting down from above. It’s snowing!

Thank you Lord…made me think of ‘Ask and it shall be given to you…’


Snow, I don’t see you!

It’s -8 to -20C today but there’s still no snow.

Dear Santa, I want a white Christmas. Can you send some snow please and after that, grant me sunshine again and nice warm temperature so that I can run?