Christmas Festival of Lights @ Attleboro

The most memorable unforgettable thing about this was the fact that we got stuck in the traffic as it seemed that everyone was going to the small town to admire the lights. In my mind, I was wondering what the big deal was. It’s erm…only lights. We got that along our Orchard Road. I would gladly turn back to Boston anytime.

We pressed on. Thankfully, the conversation with the guys in the car was interesting and we got to our destination eventually. It was actually a big Catholic church decorated with wonderful lights and Christmas displays. Devotees and pilgrims crowded the church and the statue (was it the virgin Mary holding baby Jesus? Can’t remember…) and we retreated. After a while in the compound, someone suggested to go back to Boston’s Chinatown for our dinner. That was perhaps the greatest idea ever!

And we filled our stomach and the restaurant with our laughter and joy. Food definitely has a way with people and can definitely gel the most perfect strangers.