Baking is better than teaching

How nice it would be if teachers could know what was happening to every child in the classroom when they were teaching. There would be less misunderstanding between the two parties.

I commented on this because as a volunteer, I could observe how the teacher was teaching and definitely how the students were behaving. You could seldom have the full attention of EVERY child because let’s face it, attention span of these kiddos is short, say about 5 minutes and you need to be able to use this 5 minutes fruifully. That is also the reason why you need to structure your lesson appropriately in blocks of time for instruction and activities.

Today, the lesson was totally disrupted by a quarter of the class. The students were either fidgety or not paying attention at all. Sometimes, the teacher was not aware since she was engrossed with her teaching but other times, she had to stop the lesson to correct the behaviour. In her attempt to do that, sometimes she misinterpreted the actions of some children and thought that they were misbehaving and sent them back to their chairs (as an indication of warning/punishment).

The children were saddened because they felt that they have done nothing wrong to deserve the punishment. What went wrong? There was this kid who went across the rug to return the teacher’s card on top of the cupboard when the teacher was teaching. Of course, the latter thought that the kid was being funny and sent him out of the rug (back to his chair). The poor child felt accused; I could totally see that on his face.

I stood there, feeling absolutely sorry for him. He has done the right thing at the wrong time. Sigh! But aren’t we all guilty of that crime at one point or another? As an observer, I could see all the behaviour and reactions of the children and I wonder how much they have learnt today.

I wouldn’t have continued with the lesson. There’s no point. The children were not learning. I would pause and stare at them and they, at me and then asked them if they wanted to take over.

Let them have a taste of what’s it like. Maybe they would understand. I have done that to my older kids and they got the point but I’m not sure if it will work with these younger ones. Moreover, there is this difference in culture.

I had enough for today. I’m fuming mad as I stepped out of the school and I’m not even the teacher. I wonder how Ms H was feeling.

So I went back to baking to calm my soul.

Teaching is difficult. I’m complaining…I know.

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