7 Dec 2010

It’s been a fantastic day, mainly because of the many special things friends did for me and more importantly, what the hubs has done for me.

I’m thankful for the emails and e-cards that friends sent me.

I’m thankful that my FIL and SIL called to wish me well.

I’m thankful that the hubs, in his busyness, set aside the day to spend with me and to do the stuff that I like. He purposely arranged with S to use the gym in her apartment, knowing that I would love to run on my birthday. And what surprised me too, was that S baked me a swiss roll ( I think it had coffee content in it; I love it!) while we were running in the gym and presented me with the cake when we returned! Oh my! I was so touched! And it’s not as if she was free that day! The cake was timely because the hubs and I were hungry after the run and we gobbled it up in a short matter of time. =) NICE!


Cake from Sarah


It seemed almost like a tradition now that the hubs would treat me to a spa/ massage for my birthday. Oh!! My body needed that. It’s a luxury here since it was so expensive as compared to the ones back home. My right arm has been giving me problems recently and it got so bad that I had problem removing my own clothes at times. So the deep-tissue massage came in so aptly!


I got my cookbook signed by pastry chef Joanne Chang too at Brattle Theatre and got to watch the documentary – Kings of Pastry. The hubs enjoyed the show as well!Yay! I have an added level of respect for those pastry chefs now. What they were doing was really a form of art and I am not talking about mere baking of stuff!

Amy gave me a cake decorating book today and hmm…is it a sign that I should work on this area? The pics are so beautiful but I also know it is really not easy! Maybe I should challenge myself?

It’s almost four months since we came over to Boston and I felt that I am ready to do or contribute more in my service to the Lord. It’s a good time of resting and definitely learning more about God, Ken and myself. I need time to think about how to maximise my time here. Oh Lord, pls guide me!