It was a most wonderful day at PSIF.

Terry came for the last time before he set off the next day and during the small group discussion, I was encouraged by him. He volunteeringly tried to explain what he has learnt about God to the seekers. What totally melted my heart was the fact that he was bold enough to say a prayer while we were praying. It’s a prayer that was so child-like and sincere! I was humbled! Sometimes, believers don’t even want to pray out loud and he actually prayed! Oh dear Lord! You are simply doing a marvellous job in his life! Wonderful!

Clowning around while waiting for the concert to begin

In the evening, we went for this Christian concert by the Canadian group, Starfield. We have never heard of this group before and was surprised that 80% of those who turned up were Asians! Strange and these people were like high school students. The concert was held in a hall, much like our school hall and I felt like I was in the scene of High School Musical. Hahah… Although there were some hiccups (we had to wait for an additional hour due to technical problems), the worship was excellent.

Tired. I’m getting old.