Gingerbread House Party

We had gingerbread house party yesterday! Erm…naturally it’s about building gingerbread house!

We teamed up again with Mark to plan this activity and there was another purpose too – it’s a farewell party (sorta) for Terry. It’s a bit sad for us that he’s leaving. He’s a real seeker for the Truth and asked very relevant questions concerning the faith. We were sad to see him go. It’s inevitable and all we could do was to arrange for someone in his home country to do the follow-up. Thank God something was being done.

I love the activities that A had thought of thus far. In her words, she felt that those activities would draw people together and hopefully feel His love through His people. I concurred, recalling how I was first introduced to the faith as a youth and the many activities I went for with my brothers and sisters-in-Christ in the Youth Fellowship and through them, I grew too. I pray for the same experience for these people.

As part of the planning team, we arrived about 2.5 hours earlier to prepare the food -simple finger food like cookies and salad. Using ready-made mixes was really time-saving but having said that, I’m not an advocate! =p The decoration and Terry’s card were all done within the few hours too. It’s good to have helping hands!

So, I had my first experience building gingerbread house using graham crackers, store-purchased frosting and candies. Ken and I didn’t complete our house since we had to go back first (we were at the mercy of public transport). But I’m sure the people had fun.

On a personal note, I was terribly upset with my cake. It was a fudge cake, for goodness’ sake but when we ate it, it was hard! I forgot to bring it out of the fridge for it to thaw! To me, that was a disaster and I wasn’t happy. Ken knew it and was honest with me and asked if I was angry for my personal glory. I guess if I had to be honest with myself, I would have to admit that was partly it. Well, I tried my best. I just had to remember not to commit the same error again and most importantly, it was not I that matter or what I have created; it’s the Lord and His people that matter most. I must decrease and He must increase!

With that, we left Van Bay house with much joy and a Christmas stocking from A and R. Hmm…what shall I ask Santa for this Christmas? =p hehehehe..