Had a most satisfying time at school with P. Remember that day when I first encountered and helped her, it was highly challenging? Today, it was rewarding.

Ken has shared with me what he had learnt about the cultures of certain groups of Americans theough his readings and I thought I should bear those information in mind as I went back to class today.

I used a different approach to what I used to do in terms of my instruction and I’m not sure if I could wholly attribute it to what I’ve learnt from Ken but I guess it worked. P listened to me now and it made teaching her so much more pleasant and enjoyable. Her progress was slow but definitely steady.

And I’m crossing my fingers that she would remember the method I’ve taught her today.

It’s definitely not easy/feasible to teach young children in a large group . Each one of them is so hyperactive and needs personalised attention to fully benefit from the teaching. You know somehow, somebody is not with you as you teach and it could be many of them. Perhaps…

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