Even though I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I think it is good to be grateful and count our blessings.

Let’s see. I’m thankful for:
(1) My life. The fact that I am alive and lack nothing is a wonderful gift from God, not forgetting the gift of salvation. Thank you, dear Lord.

(2) A wonderful husband. So loving, gentle, supportive and gracious. I’m blessed. Thank you , dear Lord.

(3) My family and a loving family-in-law. I know I can count on my family whenever I am in trouble. Though I may receive a lot of nagging from them (esp the older folks, heheh), I know deep within, they care and love me much.  My family-in-law, especially the four of them, are just terrific. Thank you, dear Lord.

(4) Friends. I don’t have a lot of friends but those few who are close to me are good enough for me. Though we may not meet often, I know they will be there when I need them. You know who you are. I appreciate you deeply.

Am also thankful for new friends in Boston, like the 2 couples. We had a smashing time with the Tays for 2 consecutive days during Thanksgiving period – first at Wrentham and then yesterday for Harry Potter and to make preparation for food for the fellowship. Both Ken and I enjoyed their company tremendously; they are truly God-given.

(5) God. He’s the reason for for my living. Thank You for guiding me throughout. I’m lost without You.