We survived Black Friday!

What do you think of when we mentioned Thanksgiving?

Family gathering? Turkey? Stuffing? Football?

For many of us in America, we also have one thing in mind – Black Friday! This is the start of the big shopping season, i.e. great deals! This is a great activity that draws people and family together as they pore over the discounts and emails from various retailers (my email inbox was flooded and I was bombarded by Sale! Sale! Sale!). You need certain strategies in order to gain from it. Knowing what you want to buy is important and it’s a good test to see if you are easily tempted. =p

The four of us (S, KK, Ken and I) set off at around 8pm for Wrentham, the village for premium outlets. The streets in our neighbourhood were quiet, like a ghost town. As we approached the shopping area, we realised that people were already on their way there, ready for action. After dinner, we started to queue; it was 11pm.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. There was no rushing in; people were civilised. Ken and I were at Eddie Bauer (we were first in the line!) and came out satisfied with our purchase of the winter wear, all of which were at 40% discount. Ken also got his winter boots from Timberland after KK msg him if he wanted to share the deal with him (2nd pair @ 50%  discount).

I, of course, was absolutely delighted with my second acquisition of a Le Creuset product – a cast-iron skillet. The discount was huge! I think in the end, I got it at half of its retail price. I was tempted to buy a larger cast-iron dutch oven so that I could cook a whole chicken in it but decided that I shouldn’t be swayed by the offer. Maybe next time! Heheheheh.

After 3 hours, we were tired and headed back. Many more were coming and there was a huge traffic jam. Phew! It’s good to go earlier!

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