Meal combination: Braised Chicken Wings with Oyster Sauce + Stir-Fried Bean Sprouts with Garlic & Carrots

My latest project, apart from reading up and experiment with cooking and baking various recipes, is to attempt to try out the recipes found in Kylie Kwong’s Simple Chinese Cooking. Her recipes are pleasantly familiar and I intend to cook through the recipes in the cookbook, but making changes to the servings such that they would be appropriate for TWO and to tweak the ingredients and the method of cooking to suit my style; I suspect it would largely resemble my mom’s cooking.

The project is called Eats for 2 and I’ll start with Chinese cuisine, although at times I would attempt other cuisine too.

Today’s meal is Steamed rice + Braised Chicken Wings with Oyster Sauce + Stir-Fried Bean Sprouts with Garlic & Carrots. You could top it up with a bowl of soup to make it more complete. =p The total time taken for them to be cooked excluding steamed rice is about 35 minutes. I used dutch oven to cook the chicken and wok to stir-fry the bean sprouts. In this way, I can cook two dishes simultaneously rather to have to wait for the first dish to be completed and then risk having them served cold. I’ve tried cooking the chicken using the wok too and I find both methods work well though I very much prefer the dutch oven since the food stays warm even after the heat has been turned off.

As with most cooking, the recipes are just a guide. Sometimes, you might not find that they suit your tastebuds and that’s why it is important to experiment with them. Oh! I forgot to mention. The portion here might be a tad little for some as both Ken and I are small eaters. As a gauge, we share a meal when we eat out.


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We survived Black Friday!

What do you think of when we mentioned Thanksgiving?

Family gathering? Turkey? Stuffing? Football?

For many of us in America, we also have one thing in mind – Black Friday! This is the start of the big shopping season, i.e. great deals! This is a great activity that draws people and family together as they pore over the discounts and emails from various retailers (my email inbox was flooded and I was bombarded by Sale! Sale! Sale!). You need certain strategies in order to gain from it. Knowing what you want to buy is important and it’s a good test to see if you are easily tempted. =p

The four of us (S, KK, Ken and I) set off at around 8pm for Wrentham, the village for premium outlets. The streets in our neighbourhood were quiet, like a ghost town. As we approached the shopping area, we realised that people were already on their way there, ready for action. After dinner, we started to queue; it was 11pm.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. There was no rushing in; people were civilised. Ken and I were at Eddie Bauer (we were first in the line!) and came out satisfied with our purchase of the winter wear, all of which were at 40% discount. Ken also got his winter boots from Timberland after KK msg him if he wanted to share the deal with him (2nd pair @ 50%  discount).

I, of course, was absolutely delighted with my second acquisition of a Le Creuset product – a cast-iron skillet. The discount was huge! I think in the end, I got it at half of its retail price. I was tempted to buy a larger cast-iron dutch oven so that I could cook a whole chicken in it but decided that I shouldn’t be swayed by the offer. Maybe next time! Heheheheh.

After 3 hours, we were tired and headed back. Many more were coming and there was a huge traffic jam. Phew! It’s good to go earlier!