Flour – Joanne Chang

Lunch time was over, I thought, but why were there still so many people?

It was 1.30pm. Ken and I had checked into Flour Bakery and Cafe at Farnsworth Street. I had a mission – to check out the acclaimed sticky buns.

The cafe was crowded and before us was a long queue. I was afraid that we would not be able to get a table; I had wanted to chill here. Thankfully, the customers left after they had finished their meals and we were able to get our seats.

I like the casual setting of this cafe, the friendly staff and above all, the affordable food. Where would you find a nice cafe with good pastries and cakes and drinks that are around $2-$3 each? I had my first bite of the sticky bun and instantly felt in love with it. Ken’s grilled roast chicken sandwich experience would have been perfect if not for the relatively long waiting time. Since good food has to be given time to prepare, we were quite all right with it.


Of course, I must also admit that I went because of the owner/pastry chef Joanne Chang. I had read about her and felt that I quite like this lady. I’m not sure if it is due to the fact that she is an avid runner that struck a chord with me (she has competed in every Boston Marathon from 1991 – 2006). Perhaps, it could also be her personality? Outgoing, open and personal (or maybe it’s because I like her loft kitchen?). Whatever it may be, I like this honors graduate of Harvard College enough to purchase her newly published cookbook.

So, it’s not the sticky buns that I first tried my hands on. It would be something really simple like the Chocolate Chunk Cookies (Adapted version – pg108). I’ll reserve sticky buns for another day.

I do think that I would be going back to the cafe again. =)

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