Soon after moodiness engulfed me, I received comments and email from concerned friends, giving me useful tips to survive this period. Thank you, dear friends. I’m touched!

That same night, the Kahs called us and asked if we wanted to try out driving a mini cooper. It was A’s birthday and her hubby rented that car for her since it was her favourite and they thought of us! They wanted me to try driving here since I expressed fear in doing that; I still had not gotten used to left-hand-drive and the traffic here!

So, it was with great trepidation that I manoeuvred the machine and my first time driving an auto-car! The three passengers were ever so encouraging and guided me on the directions. So there you are, my first attempt at driving in the US and I made it! My goal? To drive out of the city and come back safely!

2 thoughts on “=)

  1. Haha u can do it! I drove there for abt a month and initially was uneasy so I always tell myself ‘the left is always right..’ so I would keep to the left road.haha and there r also apps which allow u to download maps and I am certain Kenneth can read them 🙂 I love road trips! Yay

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