History came alive!

Thanksgiving is round the corner and we joined the FOCUS group for a day-trip out to Plimoth Plantation to learn more about the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag natives.

It would be ideal to go on your own (1 hour-drive from Boston) since you would need to stick to a certain timing if you go with a big group. The wonderful thing about this place or attraction is that we are not just going there to view the exhibits; there are people, descendants of the natives and actors role-playing the pilgrims. So, it is rather interactive and you get to ask burning questions about the past. They also have sites that replicate the scene of yonks ago.

I like it and would love it if we have more time. There is a quiz of about 7 pages worth of questions for each group to complete. We teamed up with A & J but being the slackers that we were, they did most of the job. So, be reminded that if you want to win, don’t select us as your members (hehehhe). But in the end, we won! Hah!

The trip ended with a Thanksgiving dinner in church. Wonderful! And now I have a better understanding of Thanksgiving. =)

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