I’m not sure if the weather has anything to do with my mood. It gets dark so early that I am reluctant to go out when the clock strikes 4pm.

I was supposed to go for the volunteer support meeting and I was dragging my feet as the hour approached. I wanted to stay home, in my warm abode. When the train came, I reached into my pocket and realised that I did not bring along my T-card and I turned back, not to go home to get the card but to stay at home for the evening.

I dislike the cold weather and definitely darkness. Since we are going to be here for the next one year, I guess I would have to think positively.

I think I should set myself some goals (random thought); it’s time to think about goals for 2011!

Cutting hubs' hair...

maybe nutella cupcakes can cheer me up?

8 thoughts on “=(

  1. Coming from sunny Singapore, it is really easy for us to be affected by SAD (seasonal affective disorder) … which in simple terms means getting the blues due to the lack of sun….
    The good news is that it helps if we switch on more/brighter lights near us.
    Try it and let me know if it works…

    • Serious? There’s such a thing???
      The thing about switching more lights is we have done that since we came over; we switched on ALL lights in the apartment. Maybe I should paint a sun on the wall =p

    • Hey Jade! Ken told me you studied psychology..better believe you…
      I think I should be able to adapt as the days pass…But yes…thanks for the advice!

  2. Cool hairdo. XP

    You could do a search for solar therapy? I know that there are some clinics that just turn on the UV. Or go for a tanning session. It’s not about the warm sunlight, the skin needs the Vit D. :\

    I just signed up for twitter. follow you ok? 🙂

    • Ange! Welcome back!

      That photo was taken before the cut! His hair was so messy!

      I think I will just ask my body to adapt…

      And yes, I have also followed you!

  3. Ken allowed you to cut his hair??!! I’ve been trying to cut Des’ hair for the longest time and he refused to let me!!!!

    It gets dark here pretty early too. In the beginning, I was also not used to it. But to think positively, it gives you the impression of a longer night to do your stuff and settle for bed. Maybe it works for me cos I put Dallen down to bed early and is ‘released’ to do my own stuff. I love night-time! It’s my time off. ME-TIME!

    • You know Ken mah…He basically doesn’t really care about his appearance but only care about his wifey’s comments (phew!). So, it gave me great joy to cut! Cut! Cut! =)

      Good for you that the early setting of the sun works well for you. I’m still trying to adapt…but oh well, what o do but to accept right?

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