I ❤ Fridays for it is a day when the hubs and I have nothing on our schedule and we could just do what we like. A typical day goes like this:

After breakfast which always includes a cup of coffee for me, we would go jogging and today was my first time since the marathon. It was cold though (about 3 C) and we had to decided a short run would suffice.

It was preparing for lunch and today was FFWD and I cooked Roast Chicken for Les Paresseux. It was an easy dish and really delicious! We both loved the bread in it which had soaked up all the juices that the chicken thighs exuded. Satisying meal!

Since we are going on a day-trip tomorrow and need to pack lunch, I decided to try my hands on baking bread so that we could have sandwiches! It was a first time for bread! I was excited yet apprehensive as the more I read about baking bread, the more I feel foreign to the whole thing; it’s complicated! The yeast , for example, has to be mixed with water/milk at a certain temperature and bummer, I didn’t have a thermometer! So I had to use my feel and hoped that it would turn out fine. The whole process took rather long as the dough needed to be risen and then kneaded and left untouched before it could be placed in the oven.

So, while waiting for it to rise, we took a walk to the nearby supermarket to buy ham for tomorrow. It was a nice walk and to admire the sights around us. Winter is coming. The trees are shedding their leaves.

Back home, the dough, after kneaded and left for a while in the loaf pan could be baked. During the process, the aroma made me real hungry and thankfully it was going to be dinner time and there I was again, up and about, preparing for dinner!

The bread turned out beautiful! Cool! I would be baking more bread now! It’s such an encouragement! Dinner was braised chicken thigh with egg noodles. I think I could try to create my own recipes and contribute them to a site which I was recently invited to by a NZ food writer. Obviously, I could only do Chinese for now since I’m more familiar with the cuisine. Let’s just see how I could progress as the days pass!

So, I guess it would be busy times ahead for me, and more eating!

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