We survived three months! Nope, it should be, we enjoyed the three months.

It’s not as bad as I thought. Relocating has its fair share of worries and uncertainties but we managed to meet wonderful people who made our stay here purposeful and heart-warming. Above all, we are thankful to the One who made all these possible.

After the marathon, I asked myself what’s next? But you know what? I’ve been busy!

1. Been going to the library and borrowed yet more books, not forgetting the slow (but steady) and increasing collection of cookbooks that were purchased in my short time here. The hubs was commenting that if guests were to come to our place, they would think that I am the one studying here instead of him. hehehe..

The recent addition was Flour which gave me quite a headache. It was initially not delivered although the system tracked that it had. Wrote a few emails to the carrier company and then to Amazon and the latter eventually sent another copy to me. Nice policy they have and I like that they value customer service. But the initial non-delivery made me miss my book-signing opporunity by the author. But I will be going to her pastry shop this coming Monday! Yay!

2. I’ve increased one more day of volunteering at the elementary school. Although sometimes I feel I would be better off being at home relaxing and thus dread going to school, the rewards of seeing the children listen to you and learning new stuff made you happy and this gave me the strength to go on. Today, Ms H talked about Thanksgiving during reading lesson and I learnt much from the lesson, as well as from the students!I’m so going back to school!

3. Had spent more time with friends here. Remember the time when we were schooling and we would hang out with friends and just chill? I experienced that again! Since S and I were not really working, we could go out just by giving each other a text msg. I don’t think I could do that in my busy state in Singapore. The other night, Ken and I just called to pop by A & J’s place for a swim. Today, S and I came together and baked a sponge cake decorated with fondant for A. It’s so troublesome decorating with fondant especially if we made it ourselves. I am really not good at decorating cakes and dread the lesson on it (remember my home-based culinary programme? I’m into the topic on cakes now!).

4. I found myself falling more and more in love with the hubs and I love hanging out with him! He’s so funny at times and so gentlemanly. Ahhh….love it! Thank you Lord for all your blessings!