Loving the weekends (part II)

Cooking for 100 people can be challenging, especially when you have no experience of cooking for such a number before.

But great fun we had. Our commander-in-chief, Terry, was in charge of Egg fried rice and he had an awful time with the rice cooker. Thankfully, in the end, all was ok but we had a lot of rice left over. I did Sukiyaki which is easy once we had all the ingredients all cut up. Because it was just dump, dump, dump and let them cook in the heat after that. =p Raymond did the frying of the dumpling while Daisy did the boiling. Ken, Siling and Peter did the background work of cutting up the ingredients which was so crucial and helpful. And in the end, we were given more food by people from the mission conference. Yea! God provides!
Our menu: Egg Fried Rice, Sukiyaki, Baguettes, muffins, boiled and fried dumpling, fruit and vegatable salad.

The important helpers

Terry, cooking the egg fried rice

The short girl had to resort to tip-toeing to cook

In all, we had fun, I mean I had great joy in cooking in the kitchen. All the pots and pans were BIG and the stove was high and in the end, I had to tip-toe to cook. It’s definitely not for a short girl like me =p.

Ken did a good leading of the discussion in the small group and I really do feel that is his gifting.

In conjunction with the Missions Conference week by the church, there was a Jesus Viewfinder Photography Exhibition which displayed the lives and work of the church’s missionaries. Of the many photos, one spoke to me. It was a picture of a rather basic kitchen and it’s entitled The Aluminium Chef.

‘Culinary arts are high fashion today. We prize the cooking as much as the food. But the important elements aren’t the tools: Faithfulness  to feed all the hungry; physically, emotionally and spiritually. Perfect strangers as well as your own children. This is the one thing needed. Love for those you’re feeding, for the very act of feeding, this is the finest ingredient. Jesus Christ calls me to live out Faithful Love, whether my gifts and resources are that of the Iron Chef, or more like this Aluminium Chef. This is my God’s call.’

Well said.

Next weekend, we are going to have History lesson at Plymouth. Yea!