My love affair

I am unfaithful. I committed infidelity.

I had a long standing relationship with bags. I love bags and have many since Secondary School days. I could spent hundreds of dollars on one. Remember Chantal Thomass? Sonia Rykiel? Jean Paul Gaultier? ELLE? Those were my love when I was schooling.

Starting work, I upgraded to the bigger players like Coach, Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Longchamp and Burberrys. Suddenly, I found myself being able to own the bags I have been eyeing/ coveting when in school. Can you understand why I am so broke now?

Not that I don’t love bags now. I still do but they no longer hold a big portion of space in my heart. Something else has filled that gap. I’m not sure if it has to do with age. Perhaps?

I love those kitchenware and baking stuff now. Every week, I would go to Marshalls and admire those pots and pans and dutch ovens. Last Wednesday, I saw a twin PINK non-stick round grill by KitchenAid. What beauty! And then more Le Creuset pots were on the shelves!

Le Creuset! Oh my, these French stuff! I am drooling even as I am writing this post. They are so beautiful, both on the stovetop and on the dining table. Oh, they are those prized possession you should be placing on your kitchen shelf. I mean, who wouldn’t love them, seriously?

If you don’t know what I am talking about, you could refer to Sunday Times’ Lifestyle (14 November 2010) on Appetite for luxe gadgets. More Singaporeans are aware of these lovely things, perhaps a result of more travelling and studying/working overseas. While our counterparts in the west have enjoyed these products for many years, we are introduced to them only recently (in a mass-market sense).

Source: ST (14 November 2010)

As the report went, each of these Le Creuset’s pots (and I believe they are the cast-iron ones) cost between S$300 to S$600. Like bags, they can last a long time, a few generations, if you take care of them. And they are evergreen; they are not fads. Unlike cars, they do not depreciate in value and do not have to be scraped in a number of years’ time. Some people change cars in a matter of 5 years but these kitchenware stay with you for a lifetime!

I’d rather invest in my kitchen now. Ok, I am aware that we don’t have to buy luxury products to whip up good food (although you absolutely need fresh produce) and perhaps I am consumed by consumerism (something my dear hubs has always abhored). But, pray, allow me to indulge. =p

LC outlet @ Wrentham Village

So, I’m looking forward to Black Friday @ Wrentham Village. I will be in the queue for Le Creuset and see if I could get some good deals.

The only problem? How to ship them back to Singapore and the possibility of mom fighting with me over them (though the probability of the latter happening is rather slim).