Loving the weekends

Weekends in Boston are totally different from those back home. Our calendars are full and we find ourselves busier, for the better.

We invited the two couples for dinner and of course, the game that gelled us – Dominion! I cooked wanton mee with char siew and prawn wantons with vinegar dressing. I think the latter was rather salty; I need to tweak the recipe. It was fun having them over and we could have played into the nights but being the kind souls they were, they decided that we should need rest since we are not night owls. Yea, we needed that as we had to get up early the next day for another adventure.



So, the next day, we got up early to participate in Love Boston Day, an event our Church organised to involve us in the community. There were many areas that we could help out with and we chose to distribute food to the low-income people at Harvard Food Pantry. We had fun doing it and I learnt what ‘fennel’ is through it since I’m in charge of distributing this veg! It’s really a blessing to be able to render help to others; I felt our spirits were lifted too!

After that, we had lunch at Penang Malaysian Cuisine at Chinatown. Oh! The food here was delicious! Just like those back home!!!! We had Roti Canai, Char Kway Tiao, Bak Kut Teh, Yam pot with seafoof and Kang Kong balachan. Heavenly!!!!


This is Kenneth teaching Shanghainese Terry how to eat Roti Canai. Shortly after, 4 men and a woman went to the supermarket and purchased a trolley-load of food. For…?

It’s our turn tomorrow to cook for the people in PSIF…100 of them! Whoah! And we would have a chance to cook in a real kitchen, a professional one. =)

I so felt the warmth and God’s love from the fellowship of these people. It’s like back to the times when I was a youth and was attracted to the people in the Youth Fellowship. People were genuinely caring for one another. No farcade, no pretense. I really do think that we are living out The Fellowship of the Believers in Acts 2. We see people change as a result. More please! More of such love on earth!

Stay tuned!