Experiment – Char Siew Sauce

We are going to have guests coming over for dinner and naturally, I would be preparing something that I’m more familiar with, which is Chinese dishes. I was considering Fried carrot cake and sweet & sticky roasted honey chicken since I have attempted them before. In the end, I changed to Char Siew Wanton Mee.

My goal is those Wanton Mee that I ate in Hong Kong. Their wantons are bigger, unlike those back home and their noodles have a certain texture to it. My biggest worry is not the wantons or dumplings but the char siew because I need to be able to marinate them well and then to roast them.

So, I went to the Asian supermarket at Chinatown and asked the lady over at the meat section which section of the pork is suitable for Char Siew. “This one, right in front of me!” And I purchased the whole long piece of it for about US$5. Along with the purchased was the Char Siew sauce.

It’s experiment time! Cutting two pieces from the original piece of pork, I marinated one with the ready-made sauce that I purchased and marinated the other piece with my own sauce mixture.


Ken preferred the ready-made sauce while I preferred the other, just that it was missing out on something. There is still time before Friday and it’s time to do more research and testing!

Char Siew noodles for dinner.
* Choose pork loin with some fatty part or pork butt to make Char Siew.