I like it when my kitchen was filled with the aroma that came from the oven. After yesterday’s bake-out session, I couldn’t wait to lay my hands on more new recipes. Dorie Greenspan’s Baking from my home to yours arrived yesterday too and it’s time to bake!

I decided to bake the Perfection Pound Cake (pg. 222) since I had all the ingredients at hand. It was relatively easy too. But what was enriching was the notes that the writer gave for the different stages in the process of baking this cake. It was interesting! Sometimes, I thought it might not be necessary to attend a culinary school as long as you have a good cookbook which gives you the information that you need, in addition to the recipes. There is in fact, a lot of writings on baking in the market. Of course, what the home baker would lack is the experience of working in a real kitchen and the related pressure.

In any case, the pound cake was perfect indeed. I took a bite and went ‘mmmm…’ How heavenly! I’m gonna bake more from this book!

And because it’s terribly cold today, a bowl of hot soup would be the best comfort one could get! Carrot and potato soup, adding wolfberries to it because mom kept asking us to consume them since they contain lots of health benefits.

Love it!

Durian and Custard Puffs

Sarah, Amy and I planned to come together to have a bake-out session, making durian (eekk!) and custard puffs. How exciting! Since Amy was the only one with the oven that has a glass panel ( we need to see the progress of the choux pastry), we agreed to go to her place and to use the indoor swimming pool! Woohoo!

Getting ready.

Sarah getting the recipe out for us

Excited by the mixer

Spooning the batter

Looks promising

Savouring the fruits of the labour

The day ended with dinner at 88 supermart and then 3 games of Dominion at our place. We really have hardcore gamer friends =p. But it’s really fun to have them over for company. Can’t wait for next Friday for a time of Dinner and Dominion at the Queks! =)