Happy Halloween!

There’s party tonight and I was one of the 2 people to prepare food for about 28 people. * Sweat* It was a great opportunity though to be able to cook for so many. I would be preparing Shepherd’s Pie, green beans with bacon,  Teriyaki chicken on sticks, chocolate pound cake and carrot cupcakes with cream cheese.

After breakfast, the hands went to work immediately. I have planned the timing such that I would be able to continue with the next dish once the previous was in the oven. So, from 8am to 3pm, I had not stopped (why was I sooooo slow) and not sat down and I kinda could understand how people work in the kitchen. Of course, I had no time to joke around and my counternance was that of a damn serious one. I think the hubs was extremely concerned. Hah! Thankfully, I had a wonderful assistance aka the hubs who helped me wash the dishes and buy lunch.

The Halloween party night we organised turned out wonderful. Everyone had fun, especially when it came to carving of the pumpkins. This was also our first time we carved and we did a simple one – an owl. The other patterns looked rather grotesque =p.

When we left the place, along the way to the bus stop, I was amused by the youngsters  people on the streets, all dressed up in different characters, some really frightening while others extremely funny. Throughout the bus journey, I was fascinated by them and chuckled all the way. FUNNY!


The day’s event can be found here.

Boston Night of Worship

Awesome! It was somewhat like the Hillsong worship. Even the setting was somewhat similar to theirs. It was a night when churches in Boston came to worship together.

Indeed, when Christians unite, Christ is glorified.