Whoopie pies

Yipee! I made Whoopie Pies today!
Ok. It’s no big deal. I’m attempting because I wanted to have a taste of it and to challenge myself if I could actually bake them successfully. I had, on a few occasions, wanted to buy but the price deterred me from doing so. Hmm…I think I will try to bake them myself.

Following the recipes from MS, everything was went ok except for the filling. It started to melt when I was taking pics of them! *sweat* I think I need to beat them longer so that it could reach the stage of stiff peaks?

It was an easy bake nonetheless. I had fun!

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On work-life balance

Question: What kind of life do you want?

This is a question too common to us. We face challenges in our lives and it seems that we are constantly being sucked into our work and for mothers, dealing with the kids and household. We end up feeling grumpy the whole time and try desperately to seek enlightenment on work-life balance.

Ken and I kinda know what we are in for when we go back to Singapore. We know what’s it like to be married to your job. Been there, done that, as with many of the people out there. It’s not going to be easy but we both desire quality lives and we know it’s up to us to determine the kind of lives we want for ourselves and to do that, we have to be resolute in our beliefs. No schemes of any organisation can help us; it’s all up to the individuals, isn’t it?

What kind of life are you living now and what kind of life do you want?