Christmas came early and we had gifts… that we bought for ourselves! hehhehe!

My Asics’ ING NYC Marathon running top was delivered and today, we didn’t miss the delivery of a cookbook, a gameset that hubs and I got hooked on and a book that Ken bought by Ken Robinson. Yay! What a bountiful harvest!


Let me share this new additional to my collection of cookbooks with you. It’s Dorie Greenspan’s Around my French Table. I have not owned a single cookbook of hers but I’ve heard much about this writer. She’s a James Beard Award-winning author and co-wrote two cookbooks with Pierre Herme. Pierre Herme! His pastry is renowned and I really wanted to scold myself for not knowing this name earlier! I could have visited his pastry shop or take up a class when I was in Paris!! She also authored Baking with Julia and received the ultimate compliment when Julia Child herself said to her,”You write recipes just the way I do.”

I have read just a few pages and I’m enthralled by her writing. She’s very personal and her writing, simple…yet captivating. Oh, the interesting bit about it is that with the purchase of the cookbook, I am going on an adventure of experimenting with her dishes every Friday with home cooks (like you and I)around the world and when you encounter any problem in cooking the specific dish, just tweet and she will respond.

I thought this is neat and definitely a good marketing strategy. We are not supposed to post the recipe online which I thought is absolutely fair. Oh! What fun! I’m cooking French every Friday (I try)!

I’m excited! Join me! It’s gonna be fun!

Lotus root soup and Garlic & ginger rice with coriander for dinner. The soup tasted just like mom’s! I’ll improve it by adding the dried squid and red dates the next time. Yea! I love soups during cold weather!

Apple Oven Pancake

This week is gonna be a busy one with Halloween celebration during the weekends and it means a cookout session too! I’ve got the first few days of meals lined up but need to think of dishes to prepare over the weekends.

For breakfast today, it was Apple Oven Pancake. Need to use up all the apples before they turn bad =p. It was relatively easy to bake and the apples were sweet. It’s a healthy dish as very little sugar was used, drawing the sweetness from the natural sources.

The hubs found it rather sweet and prefer the pancake on top while I found the latter too bland. So, yep, he ate the top and I cleared the bottom.

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