Day trip to Salem

Halloween’s coming and our next weekend is filled with activities. So, it was suggested that we make a trip to Salem. Nope, it has nothing to do with cigarettes but everything to do with being a tourist attraction spot and of witchcraft.

We took the ferry ride ($9.50) and reached the site in an hour. Ok. I must confess that Ken and I didn’t prepare much for this trip and didn’t read up on it. We basically depended on J & A to guide us. We merely…tagged along.

It was interesting, though, to witness the people’s enthusiasm for this festival by dolling up as witches,  and all sorts of characters. I believe this place would really be real interesting on Halloween, when you could see real witches with their robes walking down the streets and hundreds of tourists who would come to celebrate the festival with them.


There are plenty of activities that you could join but well, since it is a family-friendly place, you wouldn’t find anything particulary frightening. We went into this Frankenstein haunted house and the 4 of us came out, feeling that the money spent was not worth it. You basically had about 2 or 3 people with a mask, either following you and suddenly making a loud sound or a person who appeared from a corner, trying to scare you out of your wits. It’s quite lame and in the end, we tried to make funny noises to scare the frankensteins.

The presentation at the museums was, well, rather non-interactive. I would have expected a lot more animated stuff or performance from real people but it was just auditory presentation with wax figures. How interesting. In this time and age, presentation mode got to change to engage audience. Hmmm…

Go only during Halloween or you will find yourself being bored to death.

I would like to comment on a cafe called Taste of Thyme. The fries were excellent but we had a horrible time in the cafe. The owner did not want us to drink only as we would only occupy space. But since when did we say we are ordering only drinks? And you cannot share food. Ignoring that piece of advice and you would have to bear an additional $1. Crazy! Is it against the law to share food? I don’t have such a big stomach as the locals and I would be penalised for sharing? So, we were under the watchful eye of Owner Hawk and I felt uncomfortable. She’s like a witch! We went in because all other cafes were rather crowded and we wanted hot drinks. This cafe has space and we thought we could just chill there. But I left with chills in my spine and anger boiling at the same time.

It’s at 122, Washington Street, Salem.

It’s my personal review based on authentic experience and I have witnesses. I don’t think it is against the law to do that. Oh, do go for it if you want an experience like mine! Unforgettable, that’s what she is…

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