Brrr…Cold Friday.

It’s not winter yet but the temperature has dropped to between 0 to 6 degree celsius. Brrr…I did my morning run with difficulty now; the breathing was a problem. Too cold. I must think of alternatives to running now. Maybe yoga? Pilates? Stretching with the band?

farmers market

Anyway, Ken and I decided to do a tourist thing and did the Freedom Trail walk, one of the must-do in Boston. It’s real easy. You start from Boston Common and then follow the red line. However, we did not complete all the 16 stops as we, or rather I was distracted by the open market. Oh man! The fruits and vegetables were so cheap and fresh! I must do my grocery there! Sorry, I’m being auntie.

Freedom Trail Walk

S and KK invited us to their place for laksa! Woohoo! Tasted just like those back home and had 2 games of Dominion. Now we are hooked and the hubs is looking into buying the extension. Oops…he just bought!!!