Fried Radish Cake (菜头粿)

Craving hawker food, I decided to attempt to cook fried radish cake, following the recipe from Rasa Malaysia. I couldn’t find chai poh at the Asian supermarket and had to do without. I did, however, add bean sprout as this was a version I had at a restaurant before coming to Boston. The recipe did not call for soy sauce but I added since mine was rather bland.

I found my carrot cake could have been better with more eggs and more chopped garlic cloves since there wasn’t any chai poh to add to the flavour. It was a pleasure cooking it nonetheles!


The ingredients needed to cook

Eggs over the radish

Oh yes, the wok arrived today! I must remember to do a initial cleaning and seasoning for the carbon steel wok. But I must say I don’t think I have done a good job. Oh please, dear wok, don’t disappoint me?


Here’s what you need to do to season the wok.

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