It’s been 2 months

We’ve been in Boston for 2 months already and it feels like we’ve been here for quite a while already.

We have settled well. At least, for me, I could finally say I’ve adjusted and begin to be more optimistic about our short stay here (yes, despite the fact that winter is coming). I must say people make the difference.

We just had the busiest week since coming here. On Friday evening, we were invited to dinner by a Singaporean couple and in all, there were 4 couples (all Singaporeans), including the host. The conversation was most enjoyable. The spicy dishes (*think curry and sambal prawns) must have worked their magic in us and I thought all of us had an awesome time. I guess the fact that we share the same faith, are of the same age group and in the same phase of life help gel us together. I have not had such a good time for a long while!

cookies for the couples!

One of the couple then shared that they would be going Wrentham Village the next day and invited us to tag along. We did and I came out with 2 Coach bags, 1 Kate Spade bag and 1 pair of UGG boots. Yay! The hubs was most encouraging and I left the place with very little guilt. Hehehehe..thanks best friend!

In the evening, we went to a churchmate’s house for a dinner gathering. A missionary has come over and we were all humbled and encouraged by his sharing and I was touched by the hospitality of the host.

Somehow or another, we helped to be singers for worship during the fellowship meeting on Sunday and we were further blessed by knowing yet more people from the fellowship. Got to know a Taiwanese artist (who is now teaching at BU) and I totally enjoyed her conversation. I really do love the Taiwanese! While passing by the Opera House, we thought we would just try the lottery (20 tix at US$25 each) for the musical Wicked. Today was the last show! (*sad*). If we got it, we could watch the musical for US$25! Unfortunately, we didn’t but we had a good time too! We basically filled in our particulars on a sheet of paper and put it in a pot and the personnel in charge picked out 10 of the forms (each person is entitled 2 tix). It was over within half an hour. We learnt a trick though. The personnel chose forms that had been folded (we observed) and the next time we were to participate in the lottery again, we would surely fold our forms for a higher chance of getting picked. =)

Didn't get to watch the show =(

I’m tired as I am writing this post. Exhausted but truly contented. It was 3 days of being in the presence of wonderful new friends. Once again, I was reminded that no matter where I am, it is the people that make the difference.