First day in school

Back to school

It’s my first day in school and I’m nervous.

Ok, it’s really no big deal. It’s not as if I will be teaching.  I’m just volunteering. But I have been out of the classroom for about 3 years and that was enough to make me feel like a stranger to the classroom. To add to the anxiety, I will be facing a classroom full of pupils from a very different cultural background as me. That, was enough to scare me.

The school’s population is about 215 (what a luxury!) with about 18 teachers. The profile? 40.9% black, 44.2% Hispanic, 2.3% white and the rest is made up of Asians. It would be challenging.

Thankfully, the hubs insisted on accompanying me to the school (lest I lost my way!) and it really helped that I had someone to talk to along the way.

My fears were unfounded. I sat in Serena’s class during Math and reading and when it’s time for me to help those who were in need, the teacher in me came out. There were 19 pupils and all of them black except for one Moroccan but they were children all the same and had exactly the same behaviour as our children back home. Oh my! I forgot to compliment them. They were so friendly to me and made me feel at ease. The teacher, in my opinion, was a dynamic teacher and had good classroom management. We are talking about a grade 2 class here and I thought she managed them well, being firm and friendly at the same time. Good!

This was just the first session with the class and I totally enjoyed it. It’s time well-spent and certainly made me want to read up again on stuff pertaining to education, reading in particular. I went to the library with the hubs and borrowed quite a fair amount of books. It’s time to read up again. I’m glad that I could have the opportunity to be directly involved with the public schools here. We could read up on them through articles all right or by listening to the opinions of others. But I feel more importantly, one has to be involved to really understand what’s going on. There are quite a few things about the education system in Boston/American that baffled me and I’m hoping I will learn more as I progress (I’ll reserve my comments for now). I’m also hoping that I could be able to volunteer in the private schools so as to make a comparison between the public schools and the private ones.

I’m hoping for a few things to happen and I’m waiting for some emails to get back to me.

*Fingers crossed*