Multi-tasking for a novice baker: The definite road to failure

Okie. I must confess I love to multi-task. It gives me real satisfaction when I can do multiple things at one time SUCCESSFULLY. Of course, you cannot meet with success all the time so well; it was failure today =).

I started baking Chocolate marble bread with ganache at 4pm. Around that time, the itchy hand went to and clicked on a Taiwanese drama and got hooked! At the same time, I thought it was timely to prepare dinner too and so, you see, I was juggling quite a few things, and all these with taking photos too.

I got the recipe from Martha Stewart . It was quick bread so wouldn’t be too complicated.

It was indeed easy except that I didn’t read instructions carefully and added the heavy cream while making the batter when it should be used for making the ganache. And I only realised after putting the batter into the oven. Well, the cake could still be eaten, just that it was a tad moist. Another thing which I have learnt is NOT to use 100% Cocao chocolate when it is not called for. The ganache is rather bitter and I have to convince the hubs that it is good for health – unsweetened chocolate. =p

Using both semi-sweet & unsweetened chocolate


The ingredients needed

Melting the chocolate

Using paddle attachment

Scrape down sides of bowl!

Alternate between 2 sets of batter

Before placing in the oven

out of oven, turned over

Spreading ganache

Ready to eat

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