Today was such a sad and depressing day because it has been raining almost the whole morning and afternoon. We were supposed to do a longer run and the hubs wanted to show me how to get to the school which I would be volunteering in and all plans have to be shelved because of the gloomy weather. Here I was, constantly checking if it was still raining.

It drizzled, non-stop. I would be very much tempted to run if not for the fact that I am still not completely well. The nose kept running and the cough still was persistent. Arghhh…when would I be well again?! This is super frustrating!

Anyway, what sorta boots should I get for the coming season? It should keep my legs warm and also enable me to walk in snow.

A friend suggested UGG’s boots and I saw an Italian-brand boots in Marshalls during the weekends. The hubs has given the go-ahead to purchase and I just need to convince myself to part with that amount as it was rather steep in my opinion. Should I get it? Hmm…Four seasons. So fun yet so troublesome.

I like the third type of boots the best. More versatile.

3 thoughts on “Boots?

  1. I like the third pair heh. I hv those first pair, the kind with fur lining and I am sure there is some scientific reasoning that it constantly gives me static when I wore it. V bad when I had to turn door knobs etc!

  2. Yo Dory, I bought my pair of boots. M quite happy with it though I suspect the one that you have would probably keep me warmer.

    Yah Gyn, I hope mine would survive the winter. If cannot, just buy lor!! hehehhe….

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