I wanted to try this dish because someone wrote an encouragement note on my kitchenwork blog and when I checked her blog out, I saw how she made Sukiyaki. It was easy and healthy, so I gave it a try for dinner. I wanted to use just one pot today (as compared to numerous pots and pans) so that we have less to wash. I’m doing Ken a favour since he’s the one doing the dishes. =p Oh, do remember, if you add a little of a lot of things to cook, you have A LOT to finish.

In the end, we can’t and have to leave it till tomorrow for lunch.

All you need are chicken thighs, carrots, yellow onions, mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, bean thread noodles (rice noodles), firm tofu. For the sauce, you would need soya sauce and sugar.

Using the dutch oven to make sukiyaki

Chinese cabbage, not the whole lot!

All the ingredients you'll need

Boil the bean thread noodles and set aside

saute the chicken & set aside

Add the carrots & onions

Throw in the cabbage!

Dump in the chicken!

Turn off the heat & let it stand for 30 min


2 thoughts on “Sukiyaki

  1. Inspired!!!!
    I love Sukiyaki but never thought of making it myself!!!!
    Lets see if I have all the ingredients…. got some Wong Bok left over…

    • And I’m inspired by your claypot rice! Coming this week!

      You may want to reduce the amount of soy sauce used. Trial and error till you get the desired flavour you want. =)

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