Honeymooners’ class – Lesson 2

The weather took to a change suddenly and from 76 F, it dropped to 50F on Sunday. It’s certainly time to layer and as the colder weather approaches, I wonder how we could really tahan winter.

Anyway, it’s our second lesson for the honeymooners class. This time round, instead of the usual facilitators, a couple who had attended the course came back and facilitated. Some of the topics shared were on Consummate love, stages of love and of course the love languages which we know more of.

Perhaps, let’s talk about the love languages. The hubs and I had a discussion prior to the lesson on this and we determined that his predominant love language is words of affirmation whereas mine is acts of service. This is evident in how I like to bake and cook for him, making sure he has enough for every meal. He, on the other hand, will ALWAYS encourage me when I’m down and feel bad or belittle myself. And then we also realised that the love language(s) that we express is the love language(s) that we want from our partner. For e.g., I felt loved when the hubs made the effort to make the bed and boil the water ever so often now (since our last communication) and recently, when I was sick and needed medication, he went to the pharmacy first thing when it opened its doors to business. To him, he felt loved when I encouraged him in in his studies and trusted in him in the things that he was doing.

So, it really pays to talk to your partner and find out the love languages each displays/expresses/prefers.

What’s your love language?

At the Public Garden

Wendy's came to Spore but we chose to eat it in Boston =p

Oh, we forgot to update. We received invitations from 2 Singaporean couples to their homes. One, to have dinner and the other to visit their place and perhaps have a swim in their condo’s heated pool. Woohoo! Such hospitality!

And somehow or another, we are now involved in the International Fellowship and attended their leaders’s meeting twice, just over the weekends. Hmm…we thanked God that well, He has placed us there and that we are to serve and not to be served. =)

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