First Cambodian attempt

Hello, I’m back to cooking today. Ken bought me cough syrup which knocked me out after taking it and I’m better now! So, I planned to prepare two Cambodian dishes – Caramelised chicken wings with ginger & Rice porridge.

First was the Caramelised chicken wings with ginger. The steps were pretty easy except for the first which I had to make a caramel sauce. I tried but failed. I tried heating the sugar in the non-stick pan. After waiting for a good 10 minutes, I think it was not going anywhere and pour the mixture into my wok and you know what? The mixutre turned into crystals! Oh my! It’s such a joke! In the end, I decided to stir-fry the chicken wings using soy sauce and shao xing cooking wine with ginger. Taste good still but I will try to make the caramel sauce again!

Next for dinner was the rice porridge. In Cambodia, a steaming bowl of thick rice porridge or Bobor is a nourishing and satisfying breakfast. But for me, since it has been raining almost the whole afternoon and is still raining now, I made it for dinner.

This is really a simple and healthy dish. However, I feel that it pales in comparison to the Teochew porridge which has more flavour. Still, it is a nice porridge to have!

Ingredients (Serves 6)
1 tbsp groundnut oil
25g fresh root ginger, shredded
1 cup long grain rice, rinsed and drained
5 cups chicken stock or water
2-3 tbsp tuk trey
2 tsp sugar
450g fresh fish fillet
sea salt and ground black pepper

For garnish
1 tbsp groundnut oil
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
1 lemon grass stalk, trimmed and finely sliced ( I did without this)
25g fresh root ginger, shredded
a few coriander leaves

1. In a heavy pan, heat the oil and stir in the ginger and rice for 1 minute. Pour in the stock and bring to cook in the rice cooker, until the rice is tender and the soup is thick. Stir the tuk trey and sugar into the soupy porridge. Season and keep the porridge hot.

2. Meanwhile, fill a wok with a third of the way with water. Season the fish fillets and steam them for about 10 minutes.

3. For the garnish, heat the oil in a small wok or heavy pan. Add the chopped garlic and ginger and stir-fry until golden and fragrant.

4. Ladle the porridge into bowls. Tear off pices of steamed fish fillet to place on top. Sprinkle with the stir-fried garlic and ginger and garnish with a few coriander leaves.

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