ME time

I consider Wednesdays ME time for me. After the women’s BS in the morning, I would normally roam around the area for some personal time. As usual, it would be Marshalls and the library that I visit.

And I found something new about myself: I could spend 1 hour at Marshalls pondering if I should buy two running tops for the price of US$25. My goodness! I know it was a good deal as the materials were suitable for cold weather but there I was, walking around and thinking hard the whole time if I should depart from that amount of money!

I suspect part of the reason is because I am no longer earning bucks for the family and thus have to watch how and what I spend on. Not that it is a bad thing to be watchful of my expenditure. In fact, I used to be poor in handling finances and I was glad, in a way, that I managed to practise self-control. But definitely, I don’t want to go to the other extreme of becoming like a scrooge. In any case, I was happy that I managed to keep to the budget allocated for our meals. Hooray!

And of course, I was happier in the library with all the cookbooks surrounding me. Happy because I have saved quite a lot by not purchasing the books but chose to borrow them. So here goes, the list of books loaned:
– The Food & cooking of Cambodia
– Izakaya: The Japanese Pub Cookbook
– Momofuku
– Chocolate & Zucchini: Daily adventures in a Parisian Kitchen
– Baking: 350 recipes and techniques, 1500 photographs, one baking education
– The world in bite size

I borrowed Momofuku because I so enjoyed the reading of the experiences of a blogger who attempted every recipe in this cookbook and for Chocolate & Zucchini? Because I first got to know about the author through her blog and hopefully I could learn some French cuisine through her book!

So, when I asked the hubs what cuisine he’s craving according to the books that I have borrowed, he stated Cambodian though I prefer Ramen. In any case, my friends, I would be attempting Cambodian cuisine (& Ramen) real soon!

Old South Church


Fall sights but summer weather

Baking: Cookies, bars and brownies

I have a few people who, upon knowing I bake, asked if I used the pre-made mixes or if I baked from scratch.

It puzzled me that they would ask me that and then it dawned on me that there were those packages sold in the supermarket which all you need to do is to mix the contents together, add some stuff and put into the oven.

I did that when I was a teenager when brownies were  mysterious products to me and that you attempt at your own risk.

But you know, baking can be easy. The simplest is the cookies. It’s just like those mixes. Once you have prepared the ingredients, just combine everything together in a few steps and drop the dough onto the baking paper, into the oven and there you have it, delicious cookies!

After baking cookies, bars and brownies for the past one month, I am ready to move on to the next level (found in my baking book) which is Quick Breads. Some of the quick breads which I would be baking include strawberry shortcakes, banana-nut bread, cinnamon streusel coffee cake, apple oven pancake, currant cream scones.

Let’s learn together!

Our first guests

Ken: R & A asked to meet up for dinner.
Me: Oh great! Hmm…do you think we should invite them to our place? I can make dinner.
Ken: Sounds good! I’ll reply them then.
Me: Ok. (Ponders) But where are they going to sit?
Ken: (Looks around) Oh yah!

So there, we wanted to invite guests over without realising that there were no extra chairs at the dining table nor extra cups for them. I was tasked to buy the cups and do the grocery and today we went shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond for the chairs! Yay! I love the store because there were things that I like to shop. And in the end, I bought a set of knives and 2 chairs. Hooray! The knives are good, much to my surprise!

The dinner with the couple went excellent, accompanied by Hainanese chicken rice, asparagus with lobster chunks in mayo and chocolate mousse cake from them. I love inviting guests over!