Baking galore

After the entry by Ken, I was almost embarrassed to post. My entry seemed so unimportant, so trivial compared to his. But, housewives have their place in the society too and definitely what they bake or cook!

Breakfast for today. What do you have for breakfast?

5 thoughts on “Baking galore

  1. Hey meals r impt!! I hv a Swiss roll in my fridge for tmr breakfast haha to share with the team at SSD mtg. We r potlucking. I like Swiss rolls, strangely haha and chiffon pandan cakes…yumz

  2. Yes, do not look down on cooking and baking.
    I used to think that I am wasting my time / not productive / useless cos I was not ‘doing much’.
    Recently, I realised that it is a luxury to have the time to do things that I like (cooking and baking) and should not bother about what others may think.
    Enjoy it while you can!

    • Hey Jade!
      Thanks for the encouragement. Yah, indeed, it is an important role to look after the household affairs. Maybe, I’m still in transition. =p

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