Merging the pieces

It has been quite a chore to manage different blogs.

I started blogging in 2002, mainly to inform friends where I was when I was on the road (travelling). Then it expanded to building my own website (remember Angelfire?) through the prescribed templates and then on to designing one using Frontpage and Dreamweaver and finallyback to blogs again.

So in these 8 years, I have had multiple blogs and closed some which was really quite unfortunate. I wanted to erase some awful memories but in doing so, have also trashed those sweet ones away.

With so many blogs floating in the Internet, I decided that once and for all, I would consolidate the recent three years of thoughts into one main blog. Ken has suggested this to me before but I didn’t heed his advice then (I should have!) and now I think it is high time to do so.

Over the years, I have and we have grown and matured into another phase of our lives. As I looked back, it is interesting to note how I have evolved in my interests and the amount of time I have allocated to them. My perspective on life (or marriage, family, etc) has changed over the years too and all these thoughts (happy, sad, angry, etc) were recorded in this electronic diary.

So, to make my life simpler (I realised I need to do that as I age), I decided to merge all the blogs that I have (I have lost those initial years of my young adult life by pressing the DELETE button). So there you go, my life continues here. =p

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