Not in but not out!

About a month ago, I signed up for the Project Food Blog contest and today was the announcement of the result. Me? I didn’t advance to the next stage BUT it’s not the end of the world!

Through this contest, I realised there were MANY out there who were interested in food, be it cooking or baking them, eating (but of course!) and taking photographs and writing about them and there is really a BIG community out there! It was indeed an eye-opener and I was inspired by them in many ways.

So, I’m not in but I’m still cooking/baking all the same! Having received the gift, I decided to use it just to make sure it functions well. It’s blueberry muffins, following MS’ recipe. Easy bake and I’m all set for a day trip tomorrow! To my friends who have been working real hard for the Olive run and fellow contestants who have advanced, here’s s treat for you! Enjoy the next stage! I’ll be following closely! =)

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