I’ve got an email from a friend: How is life on the other side of the globe? What keeps you occupied?
Life has been busy for both of us. Ken, without a doubt, has gone full gear with his studies with assignments due each week. For me, apart from planning and preparing for meals, I have been busying myself with going to school.
School? Yup. I have gone to visit an elementary school on Tuesday to offer my service to them. It would not be too much of a commitment, just a few hours and in an area that I’m comfortable with. I was there to chat with the the officer from Boston Connect and to know how I could offer my help. The school was a busy place, as with all schools and I nearly felt a little bad to take up their time. I was apprehensive, of course since I am in a totally different culture and knowing that this is a neighbourhood school, the challenges would be more. But, I believe all these would provide more insights about education in the Boston Public Schools and I’m sure I would learn heaps from the teachers.
Besides that, I attended a self-defence class signed up for me by Ken in his college. I cannot explain in detail here as it is highly confidential =p But it taught some tactics that we could use when faced with danger. I realised too about the weaknesses of my body and though I can last the distance (as in endurance sports), I really am not up for tactical games. My body is just not conditioned for attacks or contacts and I believe that is why I always avoid contact sports. =p There will be a simulation next week and I am so terrified! The facilitators (BC police officers) are so HUGE! How on earth would I be able to escape from their clutches? *sweat*

OK, I have to go back to cooking and baking. My baking stuff came just 5 minutes ago! Yay!

One thought on “Mid-week!

  1. Can you see how fast her hands are moving when she's unwrapping the package?! On self-defense, just use those quick hands to poke the fella's nostril and drag it around. Learn from Stephen Chow…

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