Grandmother’s fried rice

It’s not mine but Ken’s. In our conversation the other day, Ken was reminiscing about the fried rice that his grandma cooked with those lap cheong (chinese sausages) and egg and dark soy sauce. It didn’t sound too different from the one that my mom cooked for me too and I decided to attempt it, just to satisfy his cravings.

Lap Cheong, the Chinese sausage, gives off a strong flavour when you cook it and is definitely a comfort food. However, it has high fat content and that’s the main reason why I would choose to avoid it if I could. Perhaps mom knew about it  and only cooked them once in a blue moon by adding to the fried rice or just steam them. You could also place them with the rice in the rice cooker and definitely add them when you are making claypot chicken rice. Yum! And thankfully, I could find them here!

So, here goes. What you would need are rice (obviously), lap cheong, eggs, garlic and spring onion (for garnish). Firstly, I pan-fried the lap cheong (cut into cubes). No oil is needed since they would give off their own oil. Using the oil, I fried the garlic (minced) till they gave off an aroma and then pour in the rice. The rice was cooked last night and chilled in the refrigerator over night. You would have to cook them in room temperature though.

After the rice is mixed with the garlic, add in the lap cheong. Then, make a well in the middle and add two eggs. Fry the eggs till they are almost cooked and then stir-fry together with the rice. Add soy sauce, dark soy sauce  and some pepper for tasting. Lastly add some sesame oil and top it with spring onion for the

garnish before serving.

One thing to note is that when frying the eggs in the well, try as much as possible not to mix with the rice in the initial stage as they will make the rice turn soggy. I like it when I could see the grains of the rice when the fried rice is done and that the texture is not too oily. At least, that’s the style that I like for fried rice and well, the hubs loved it. Mission accomplished!


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