French Toast

The other day, we bought one whole packet of frankfurters for the Boston Rolls and it seemed that it is taking forever for us to finish them. And then last night, I was swept by homesickness and thought what mom used bread for. When we were younger, back when we still had the shophouse, we would have half-boiled eggs with pepper and soy sauce and occasionally, mom would make French Toast. Breakfast at Killiney

Every weekend too back home, Ken and I would have our long run along the tracks at East Coast Park. Thereafter, we would sometimes head for Killiney Kopitiam where we would have our Kaya Toast or Mee Siam, all these not without the dear coffee.

So today, I decided to make French Toast with a little twist. Besides adding the eggs, I would top them up, each with a different ingredient – roasted peanuts, sesame seeds, lap cheong, egg and fine sugar. Of course, all these without the good old coffee.

Good morning! What are you having for breakfast?

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