Sunday thots

We had a change in schedule for our Sunday. Instead of the 4pm service, we are now going for the 11am service. Why? Because we have signed up for the honeymooners class at 9.45am and International Fellowship after service at12.45pm. That basically would make our Sundays for fall.

We were early for the class (as usual) because we really couldn’t predict how fast or slow the T takes; I find it inconsistent at times. While we roamed around the building and finally hibernated in the Conference room, I was lured by the sounds of children, their singing. As I took a further look, it was a Sunday class and they were learning to sing a certain tune.

I wanted to be back in the classroom again, to be with the children. I find my heart longing for that. I’m not sure if that was an indication from Him (a prayer request) but I would be writing in to a school staff soon to volunteer my time there.

It also occured to me that I should spend my time enriching myself in language arts and in particular, literacy development. I have always been interested in this topic since undergraduate days and Ken has suggested that I try to ask the lecturer if I could audit/sit in the classes. So I went in to her website and look at her syllabus for the course and lo and behold, they were somewhat the same as what I did for my grad years! Even the readings were not too alien to me. So I have to decide if I want to sit in and this would have impact on how I spend allocate my time to the other areas as well. Decisions…decisions…

The participants for the Honeymooners class started streaming in (service had just ended) and there was another Asian couple and we were just thinking if they could be Singaporeans (and indeed they are!). The class started with our very jovial facilitators and we were asked to share about ourselves and one funny thing that happened to our wedding day/honeymoon. Ken and I were stuck. We had none! All others had stories to share (something has gone wrong) and well, we practically just had to share how we brought forward our wedding so that we could turn our travel plans into our honeymoon. Hahaha…. (laugh leh). It was nice to see couples who were so lovey-dovey to each other; it’s indeed a great sigh to behold!

Service started. Walter Kim again!

Went for the International Fellowship. When I stepped into the compound, the immediate thought that came to me was that it was just like how we did it when we were in Youth Fellowship!!! And because this Church attracted a lot of international students and scholars, it basically was like a campus ministry to me. They were very intentional in what they were doing and most were zealous for the Lord. Oh, it reminded me of my days with Campus Crusade and I was like being transported back in history! We had makan session, all prepared by a small groups (the fellowship is made up of various small groups) and followed by worship and Bible Study. We joined one group that was made up of Chinese Canadians, ABC, Hong Konger and Chinese. It was a good meeting and discussion!

The programme director has been very warm towards us and remembered both of us. Said he wanted to introduced a Singaporean couple to us but in the end, I think he has forgotten. I suspect there was indeed a sizeable group of Alamaks in our midst. We just have to wait and see.

The church activities ended and it’s back to the two of us again. Well, this could well be how we spend our Sundays. I am looking forward!

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