Lobster rolls

“You must eat lobster when you are in Boston!” This was our mandate as issued by our friends when they knew that we were to go to the East Coast. “The lobsters are so cheap!”

On our wedding anniversary (just last week), we wanted to fill our stomach with lobster but didn’t know where to go and how much it would cost. After Ken googled, he basically commented that the locals buy the live lobsters and cooked them themselves. We decided to do the same and went to Shaw’s yesterday and saw the live ones. Erm…I don’t think I know how to dispatch it? I’ve seen how mom dealt with crabs and it was quite terrifying and I’m not sure I am up to it.

Ken then looked for alternatives and we saw those ready-to-eat lobster chunks. Ok. Those would do just fine and today we decided to spend time in the kitchen. Yes, both of us!


Ken was in charge of frying chips. Originally, I wanted to buy potatoes chips from the mart but he suggested doing them up ourselves. So, I cut the potatoes into thin slices and he did the frying. Following that were the lobster rolls! Easy! To make the sauce, you would need mayo, freshly squeezed lemon juice, mustard ( I love it), minced celery, fresh chives and spring onion, salt, ground black pepper and of course, the lobster chunks! Mix them up evenly and then store in the fridge (covered) for at least 1 to 24 hours.

Oh, for the hot dog rolls, it is preferable that we use New-England style meaning top-spilt, with pale sides.

I hope the hubs enjoyed his frying session ( I thought he did terrific!). The chips are seriously good! We would not be buying those in the stores any time now. =)


Lobster note (for reference): To dispatch a live lobster humanely before it’s dropped into boiling water, hold a sharp chef’s knife over the lobster’s head, right where there’s an “X” in the shell. Push the point of the knife rapidly all of the way down to the cutting board, then quickly push the length of the blade forward onto the board. Drop the lobster into a very large pot of boiling water and cook for 6 to 8 minutes, or until the shell is completely red. Remove the lobster from the pot and let cool. To remove the meat, twist off the tail from the body. Remove the claws by twisting them off. Pull off the flippers at the end of the shell with your fingers. Bend the lower, small pincer on the claw side to side and pull it away from the claw. With the back of a chef’s knife, crack the top side of the claw. Open the claw and pull out the meat. With kitchen shears, cut open the smaller pincer and arm sections and remove the meat from those also.

PHEW! I could almost imagine the scene when Julie encountered the lobsters too in Julie and Julia.
Note from Food Network Kitchens Cookbook.

6 thoughts on “Lobster rolls

  1. haha.. vaguely rem leaving the lobsters in fridge and then dipping them in hot boiling water. then dump them into a big wok and steam them (i tink) only started tearing the lobster apart when they are fully cooked 😛 of cos, i didnt do anything.. fren’s hubby did the job 🙂

  2. oops…we jus dump the live lobsters into boiling water. kill faster so less cruel. fren said u can ask the supermkt person to boil for u first. then u can bake/steam if u like 🙂

    • Yo Gyn
      I watched Julie and Julia for the third time yesterday and the method you mentioned was just what Julie in the movie did! But otherwise we could put the live lobsters in the freezer to ‘numb’ them as Jula Child has recommended. =)
      Ok I will try!

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