Thoughts from a wonton wrapper

It’s just a random thought: Why do modern women think that cooking is such a hassle or a near-impossible task for some?

This question came to my mind when I was resting from my work (doing some studies) and needed a eye-break. So I went over to the fridge, took out the minced meat and shrimp, started to devein them and marinate the mixture. It took a mere 10 minutes and I was back to the screen after that.

Perhaps, a lot of us, working women, did not have the opportunity to try our hands on cooking. The images that were conjured were those of a whole array of ingredients which were difficult to get or understand and meticulous steps in which the cook has to follow. For that same reason, I deterred from cooking and solely baked when I was working back home. Baking was easier, I felt. With the same set of ingredients and steps, you could create cookies and cakes that brighten up people’s lives. Of course, I was baking some simple pastries which didn’t require more than the usual ingredients but then again, it’s relatively easier.

The view has changed since coming to Boston. The high cost of eating out means that I have to cook. And I did so. Till now, I am still poring over cookbooks for ideas and looking for relationships for the different dishes and to analyse how I could maximise the use of certain ingredients, just because I’m cooking for 2 people. As I familiarised myself with a specific cuisine (always start with what you have grown up with), I began to understand how certain ingredients work and the various sauces and condiments that go with them to make different dishes. You find yourself no longer following recipes for the amount of ingredients to be used and use your tastebuds instead of those measuring spoons.

So, I was thinking, if I had only put down my fears and resolved to cook when I was working then, Ken and I would not have to eat out most of the time. Cooking takes up time when we are not familiar with it (I’m not referring to instant noodles or using anything instant). But once you get acquainted with it, it could be completed fast and in some cases, serves as a form of therapy from the stress of work. It also helps stimulate your mind when you are thinking about creating new dishes and personally, I think this is better than sudoku =p.

Of course, I could say these because I am currently not working and have time to read and think about food. But it IS important to think about food, especially what you put into your body so that it could function well. I am currently reading French Women for All Seasons by Mireille Guiliano and totally enjoying her words of wisdom. Indeed, we need to slow down and think more about how to take care of ourselves.

Oh, while these are my current thoughts as a person who is not working, I am working darn hard in the kitchen. But honestly, I would like to continue to bear the same thoughts when I’m back to work. Check on me again in 2012.

By the way, I have not attempted Italian at all. If you looked through the dishes I have made thus far, none was Italian. Reason? I don’t know anything about cheese, except for cheddar, parmesan, mascarpone and cream cheese. Besides that, I also have no clues to the different herbs used. I could well purchase bottles of sauces from the supermarket and mix with the spaghetti but that really kills the joy of cooking. In any case, I am not in favour with the extra salt in the contents so it’s back to basics for me. I will, ONE DAY, attempt Italian. I’m not lying. I have already a Giada’s cookbook on my shelf. ONE DAY.


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