The Harumi way.


Normally, when we order Gyoza or Chinese dumplings, they are wrapped with the contents inside the wonton (pastry) skin. Harumi showed another method, one that is simpler – no wrapping! I’m happy!

I don’t intend to follow her recipe religiously simply because Ken has a slight allergy to prawns and thus I had to lessen the amount. I’m also not so sure if he likes Chinese chives since getting him to eat his greens is really good enough, let alone those non common ones.

Basically, the ingredients that you need are uncooked shrimps (half minced and half cut into 1/2-inch pieces), ground pork, salt, pinch of sugar and pepper, freshly chopped ginger, liquid chicken stock, cornstarch, chinese chives (finely chopped), wonton skins, oil and the sauce for dipping (namely, rice vinegar and soy sauce).

Remember, serve immediately with the dipping sauce! Enjoy!

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