First training

Guess where I went today?
It has something to do with children.
Definitely related to what I was doing.
But then again, I have gone through this before.

Nope. It’s not a tour in the Boston Children’s Museum though the place I went was close by.

It’s Boston Partners in Education and I was there for my training as a volunteer to the elementary schools. It was a 2.5 hours training on literacy and Math and of course, those were stuff that I was and still am familiar with. It’s good to have a review and to hear those familiar terms again – zone of proximity, constuctivist model, wait time blah blah. I was excited to go back to school again but yet at the same time fearful because of the difference in cultures. Let’s just see how it goes.

When it came to Math, I sensed that the instructor wasn’t too happy about the new change to Investigative Math (whatever it is). He was just passing the remark that a lot of …ahem… educators out there were just waiting for this ‘new’ thing to pass. Sounds familiar? No? I thought it does =p

I’m real keen to see how’s the school scene is like out there in the public schools. Oh! They have chartered schools, innovation schools, pilot schools…so many types of schools. Interesting!


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