Amour doux (Project Food Blog entry #1)

Amour doux. Sweet love.

It all begins with love – a love for that special someone, the kind of love that will compel you to go the extra mile, despite the troubles. 

My mom showed me that kind of love, right from the kitchen. Nope, she’s not a housewife; she helped out in my father’s business. Despite her busyness, she dutifully prepared the basic 3-course Cantonese meals, without fail. I remember the Chinese lunchbox which she would bring to school when I had extra lessons during that crucial year in elementary school. All my classmates had canteen food; I had home-cooked food and the envy of both my classmates and teachers. Mom didn’t believe in splurging us with gifts because such practices would turn us into spolit-brats. However, she indulged in giving us the best in the meals she prepared and even though she’s such a proficient cook, she would survey our facial expression for feedback in her culinary arts.

As I get older, I came to appreciate all that she has done and understand why she would stand in the kitchen for hours, toiling in the heat. It’s all because of love. Today, I cook and bake to see that kind of smile on my husband’s face, that kind of delight in his eyes. I cook and bake for friends and loved ones and always return to the original kitchen, to the arms of its owner just so that the food that I make could create a smile on her face, and of course to receive her critique too.

Many chefs continue to toil in the kitchen because they want to make people happy with their food; their smiles are their rewards. In the same way, this blog is created to share the love with many others in this culinary journey. We may not be connected physically but the sharing of resources, the joy and the pain pull us all together and bind us as one family.

This blog is special and unique because the food is created from a labour of love. With it comes many sweet memories only the owner could experience. They could be food consumed when she’s young or with her loved ones or bites that she had when she’s on the road. With such memories, she tries to recreate those dishes and gives her own perspective to them. And this blog will continue as long as there is love, love for the culinary arts, love in the heart of the owner, as well as in the recipients of her labour.

This blog also tracks the culinary journey I am embarking through self-study and from the many aspiring cooks out there and especially from the special women in my life, namely my mom and Ken’s auntie who showed me, along with the cuisine that they cook, the heritage that is connected with it – Cantonese and Peranakan.  It is my desire that I would learn to master these two cuisine and pass on to the next generation.

This entry is also dedicated to my beloved husband who supports me in all that I’m doing. I wouldn’t have gone this far without his encouragement and love.  Thank you for the love that you have showered upon me. I thank God for you.

And now these three remains: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13:13)

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