Flop #1: Classic dark chocolate brownies

“I’m baking brownies today. Oh well, it shouldn’t be that difficult!” I told the hubs.

And I flopped. Rather miserably. I was expecting a nice soft brownie which would make me go hmmmmm…..but ‘huh’ was my response.

Legend has it that the first brownie was probably a chocolate cake that failed to rise. and there is no question that it was a clever way to turn a baking failure into a delicious baking sucess. But I totally destroyed that today. Instead of a failure-turned-success bake, it was a total failure – disaster! Instead of having a dense, moist, fudge texture, I had a dense, moist, CHEWY texture. Time to exercise that jaw!

I was not devastated, for the record. Just puzzled. I had baked brownies before and didn’t recall that it was anything near bad. What happened?

I had followed the recipe but perhaps lessened the amount of sugar by a wee 40g. Instead of using chocolate, I used the chips and perhaps, used 2 tbsp less of flour. According to the recipe, I have to bake for about 35 to 40 minutes but at that time, it was barely cooked! I mean, it was still very moist when the inserted stick came out, with very moist crumbs on it. So I baked longer, for about 30 more minutes and checked every now and then.

Oh, it’s just one of those days. We can’t have success every day! Part of working in the kitchen is having such adventures too, isn’t it? I’ll try again and this time round, follow what the recipe calls for religiously.

Some pics.



2 thoughts on “Flop #1: Classic dark chocolate brownies

  1. Hei, I had lots of problems with my brownies (which were relatively successful in singapore) when I baked them here.

    I found that its a matter of the oven temperature and type of chocolate used.
    I read that chocolate chips, unless specified, are usually not for melting. Apparently, they added something so that the chips can hold their shape while baking… this could be why your brownies turned out like that.
    And moist crumbs after 45 mins of baking should be fine…means that brownie is gooey and moist… the skewer should not be dry like when we are testing cakes.
    Anyhow, your brownie still looks really good … I would eat it!!!

    • Hi Jade!
      Thanks for the note.
      I suspect it is the oven. Third time I’m using the oven and each time, I have to increase the time to bake the goods. At home, all baking was fine.
      I’m not sure about the types of chocolate used. YOu could be right. But back home, when I was making ganache using chocolate chips, they turn out fine so I thought this time round, it should be ok too but apparently not. I will continue to read up more and keep this in mind.
      My moist crumbs after 45 min is not the moist that is expected. It came out (the skewer) with very watery big crumbs – definitely not what I am expecting.
      But having said that, the brownie actually was quite all right, except that it is a tad hard (from too long a baking time). Never mind, I will try again!

      Thanks for the note. Let’s KIV the chocolate chips!

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