Lesson: 1.2 How to make chicken soup & Hainanese Chicken Rice

This is the second dish that the hubs has requested recently and I’ve decided to overcome all the inconveniences and attempted this! I found a wonderful site, steamy kitchen and followed the step-by-step instructions. I shall give the credits to the blogger but highlight the important points here.

Coincidentally, this dish tied in nicely with lesson 1.2 and through the making of this dish, I learnt some precious lessons. I’ll use the pics to highlight the salient points.

OK, I cheated. I should be using the whole chicken instead of the breasts only. However, there are only 2 of us eating and so… Before that, I scrubbed the parts with kosher salt to give it a smooth touch, washed and applied salt again and then stuffed ginger and spring onion in them. I poured in cold water until 1 inch above the chicken.

Yes, I have my own dutch oven. But since this is only 3 qt, I couldn’t put in the whole chicken right?

Skimming! An important step and is critical to the soup’s success, since the impurities from the chicken would cause the broth to become cloudy.

Giving the chicken a cold bath will stop the cooking process, keeping the meat soft and tender and giving the skin a soft and firm texture.

Fry the ginger and garlic, together with the rice and cook with the chicken broth!

I totally enjoyed making this dish. The aroma of the chicken just filled your kitchen. Totally worth every hard work!

4 thoughts on “Lesson: 1.2 How to make chicken soup & Hainanese Chicken Rice

  1. Hey I wanna ask u a question. Related somewhat to skimming. U know when u stir fry pork, the sauce sometimes seem to hv ‘impurities’? How can I get rid of it? Or inevitable?

    O in unrelated news, I also bought a meat tenderizer cos thinking of making fried pork chop haha

  2. hmm…I think that is inevitable…it’s together with the juice that comes out when you stir-fry. I suppose it’s not a great deal if you have removed the fats?

    Ooooo….fried pork chop! Good! Good! Let me know how it goes!

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