More than 3 weeks into Boston and we are settling real fine. Ken’s started school and geting real anxious about work. The readings are a lot and he’s getting uptight about a particular module on school leadership. I have not seen him in such deep thoughts for a long time and recently, I saw that side of him more and more. So, yes, he’s been real serious about his studies. =) And it’s nice to be able to spar with him on issues pertaining to education; it’s our passion after all!

Today, I went down to Boston Partners in Education, an agency which seeks to involve the community to enhance the academic achievement and nurture the personal growth of Boston’s public school students by providing them with focused, individualized, in-school volunteer support. Yes, I signed up to be a volunteer and went down for the interview. Ken was supportive and went with me and as usual, directed me to the place (my sense of direction is really awful).
The interview went ok. Actually it was just a chat and I guess the main reason why I wanted to volunteer is because I want to know more about the US education system and to be constantly in touch with the classroom. What could be better than being directly involved? I have time on my side and basically, I just want to keep the passion alive. Well, they would do the match soon and who knows, I would be in the classroom again in October! A kind soul (from an interest group) from BC has also emailed me a contact from a school whom I could liaise with if I want to help out in the school. Yea!
We went to Chinatown after that but were sorely disappointed that it was just-like-that. Maybe we didn’t really explore that area well? But I guess both of us just wanted to head home. Might as well since Ken has an evening class by Hargreaves.
I must have my cajun food when I’m at South Station!

Bubble tea in Chinatown. Lots of them!

Boston Marathon. A marathon I would not be able to run. Photo would do just fine!

Cajun cooking

I absolutely must have my fair share of cajun food whenever I’m at South Station. The hubs knew that and suggested I popped over to have it.

I do not know what Cajun cooking is and obviously the type of food related to it. But I will seek to find out one day! I promise!

I had the honey chicken today!